Polite Tehran – rugriders
Handgeknüpfter Orientteppich
Handgeknüpfter Perserteppich
Teppich Kunstwerk Persien
Antiker Teppich aus dem alten Persien
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  • Lade das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, Antiker Teppich aus dem alten Persien

Polite Tehran

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€4.300,00 EUR
€4.300,00 EUR
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220 cm x 135 cm
inkl. MwSt.
SKU: 80469-103

Polite Tehran is a classic oriental rug, but ready for a new, modern vibe. If you hang out with him, you can look forward to 1001 compliments for your impressive interior design style. The carpet was made in the Tehran region of ancient Persia. The stylized, floral pattern is characterized by finely curved, elegant lines. With over 50 years of age, it is considered a premium vintage one-off item. Hard shell, soft core: cork wool is obtained from the neck area of the sheep, which is the softest part of the body. That is why cork wool is used for very high-quality and fine carpets. Hand-knotting is a craftsmanship that has been handed down over many generations. Such a carpet is labor-intensive knot by knot - the production is therefore extremely time-consuming. Since quality and workmanship can be influenced during the entire production process, there are practically no processing errors.


Signed "Tehran Mirfarshi", one of the most famous carpet weavers in Tehran. The blue color is a very special color, namely the pigeon blue. The peculiarity of the color lies in its production, since you not only need a plant, but also have to make a cocktail of plants and precious stones.

Additional information
Origin Persia
Age 1935-1945
Manufacturing Method Knotted
Material Cork wool, Silk
Length 220 cm
Width 135 cm
Color Green, Pigeon blue, White