LUCKY CAT - Bubbly Shiraz – rugriders
LUCKY CAT - Bubbly Shiraz - rugriders

LUCKY CAT - Bubbly Shiraz

205 cm x 175 cm
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The white Maneki Neko 招 き 猫 stands for happiness, purity and positive things. The upright sitting cat is a popular Japanese lucky charm.

Our bespoke carpets from the Rush Hour Edition are refined with embroidery. We carefully coordinated the design and the carpet.

Bubbly Shiraz is a nomad carpet: a cool, rustic guy who is just waiting to make every room unsafe with you. Carpets like this one are made by nomads directly from memory, freestyle and without a pattern. The rug was made in the Shiraz region of ancient Persia. The geometric pattern is typical of nomadic tribes and the villagers of the Orient. If you are under 50, a premium one-off item like this is still considered new. It is the epitome of wicked stability: honest sheep's wool is undoubtedly the most important material for a hand-knotted carpet. After shearing, the wool is divided into different grades, cleaned, washed and further processed by hand. Hand weaving with a loom is the oldest method of making a carpet. Due to the long tradition, many regional specialties have developed. Typically hand-woven carpets have no pile, but instead have an identical motif on both sides and can therefore be used on both sides. Because of their compact structure, woven carpets are very robust and resistant.

Disclaimer: We focus on sustainability. The carpets of the Rush Hour Edition are only embroidered for you after purchase. For this reason, the right of withdrawal is excluded for these carpets. Of course, your warranty rights in the event of defects remain unaffected. Delivery time approx. 4-6 weeks.
Additional information
Origin Persia, Shiraz
Age 1985-1995
Manufacturing Method Woven
Material Wool
Length 205 cm
Width 175 cm
Color Orange, Red, White, Yellow